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Black Colour.
Easy under seat attachment.
Fits all bikes with 25mm to 32mm seat post.
Adjustable arms for different sized boards.
Retractable elastic tie down to safely secure board.
Padded arms for complete surfboard protection.
Easy to detach when not in use.
Lightweight sturdy aluminium frame.

Current Stock:
Width: 25.00
Height: 50.00
Depth: 10.00

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bike rack

Rack is Good once set up but had issues with it spinning on seat post. It needs refinement bolts need to be12mm longer or 2 short and 2 long bolts included. In respect to rack I live 6 km from the local with offroad sections so maybe it is not designed for that. I fabricated another bracket connecting rear rack bolts to the seat mount. I also added piece of bike tyre around post so the clamp holds better and longer bolts, I think the mounting boss only grabs on 2 sections of seat post thus it slips when high speed or wind catches the board, My set up was on a E MTB, with seat dropper post, it now works well, and I am happy with it