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Replacement Grub Screw for Future Fin Plugs - Sold in a pack of 10 

Removing the Future Grub Screw - Hints:

  • Old Fin Keys can (have the reputation) of stripping the the end of the key
  • When the grub screw is rounded: if you can get the fin out first it is easier to push the screw through into the plug rather than trying to back it out.
  • If you break a fin and can't get the tabs out of the plug, remove the grub screw and insert the key into the hole in order to gently wedge the tab out of the plug. 
  • If the stainless steel screw is stripped and the fin is not in the board, try turning it clockwise thus dropping it into the plug.
  • If the screw is stripped with the fin still in the board, place a very small drop of super glue on the tip of the key and place in the grub screw making sure that the glue does not flow over into the plug and let dry. Then pull the key out with screw attached.
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Width: 22.00
Height: 10.00
Depth: 1.00

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Grub screws 10 pack

Handy to have in the glove box of the car, just in case. It's better to have spares and not need them, then to need them and not have them. Especially when the waves are good.