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A super fast little ripper, purpose built for high performance Grom surfing. Inner surface foil for extra control and speed, however the thinner tip allows surfers to blast turns through and above the lip. Best suited for surfers 45kgs and under or for light surfers wanting an extra loose feel.

Compatible with FCSI Fin Systems

Fin Characteristics



Extra-Small: 45kgs and below

Base: 106mm | 4.17"
Depth: 106mm | 4.17"
Sweep: 33 Degrees
Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)

Fin Colour

Carbon & Black NetFlex with Neon Pink Colour Print


STEALTH SERIES: Engineered with carbon fibre through the leading edge whilst keeping the fin tip free to flex (load up). respond, and whipping out of turns. A rotational flex pattern that feels very lively and progressive, helping to generate speed! A popular construction that responds to the way they are surfed. .

Current Stock:
Width: 30.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 3.00

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