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The SX is a popular fin to make 5 five option, can be paired with any Shapers Thruster models. Suited to a variety of different conditions & board model, the SX adds extra speed and drive through turns.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2 | Fusion


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Black Web Inlay with Carbon


Size: Specialty 
Base: 96mm | 3.77"
Depth: 100mm | 3.93"
Sweep: 29 Degrees
Foil: 80/20
Current Stock:
Width: 30.00
Height: 18.00
Depth: 3.00

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Speed and control

Could not be happier with the product. Exceeds all expectation, combined with S9 fronts


I ordered the AM1 Corelite Quad Rears and unfortunately they weren't in stock, the lads at Shapers got in touch immediately and suggested the Carbon Stealth SX instead. I got free shipping to the UK and they arrived in 3 days!!!!!! I genuinely couldn't believe it! I got them straight on my board and I can't get enough of them, so much more speed and drive especially in smaller clean surf. Best $63.60 I ever spent and the company couldn't possibly have been more professional or helpful. I'm only ever buying Shapers fins!